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Welcome to the Purrfect Campers DIY Zone
Articles, Methods and Ideas for DIY Camper Projects
I will will be placing all of my camping related DIY content in this area of PurrfectCampers.com instead of on TimsAP.com (links to content here will remain there). TimsAP.com will be reserved for home improvement projects, but that is on hold while I get this resource built up.

I will be adding content to the DIY Zone as my time allows. I started with three articles I wrote a little while back and was finally able to get a format together to get them published. Included with most of the articles will be a link to Resource information and Youtube videos. It is very minimal right now, but I will be adding to that as well.

Also, I'm working on starting an online store. It was delayed some, but I should have it out in the near future.

There has been quite an interest in the PCAN (Purrfect Campers Area Network) control and monitoring system that I use in the Omnia van builds. Currently it is very customized for the Omnia, but I will be rolling out a universal version for DIY use soon and it will be featured here in the DIY Zone.

Be sure to subscribe so I can notify you of any updates. It's absolutely free. I promise to keep them to a maximum of 1 per week, but on average they will be once a month.

If there are any topics you would like for me to consider covering, please let me know in the ProBoards Forum.

Thanks, Tim
Easy Way to Transfer Between 3 Different 120V Power Sources
Article 0004 Published 07/21/2024 Updated 07/21/2024
There are times when designing or building an RV, we may want to provide a way to transfer between more than one 120V source. It will become necessary to have a transfer switch to safely switch between them. But what if we need to switch between 3 sources and why would we ever need or want that?
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Four Important Factors for a Successful Design
Article 0002 Published 06/27/2024 Updated 6/27/2024
There are 4 important items to consider when designing a camper. In this article we will explore these and how they will impact how successful your build we be. Every good build starts with planning and a good design...
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Selecting the Best Battery Voltage for Your Camper
Article 0001 Published 06/27/2024 Updated 6/27/2024
While the most common house battery voltage for a RV is 12V, this probably is not the best solution for many campers, especially camper vans. Learn about different battery voltage systems and their pros and cons...
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Low Temperature Charging Protection for LiFePO4
Article 0003 Published 06/27/2024 Updated 6/27/2024
When using LiFePO4 batteries that do not have a BMS with low temperature charging protection, this is a way to provide automated protection...
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